Month: January 2019 Invites You To Get Lively!

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Hi! Here at the website, we are extending an invitation to new and current readers to come “get lively” here with us! What I would like to do first and foremost is to introduce you to contra dancing. Although some dances can be quite complicated, many of them are truly very simple to follow along with.
What’s more, is that it’s really fun! So, in this first video, you will see some of the basics explained, along with examples. No music, but in the next video I’ll share one of those with you, so scroll down.
Ok, first is the explanation:

Now, to see a dance filmed with the live music, enjoy this next video! I love the music that accompanies most contra dances, so hopefully you will too! This one shows a class, along with some music. Enjoy! And come back soon!